Hawk's Nest

Monday, January 30, 2006

Who's on Cisco's shopping list? | CNET News.com

Will Cisco buy Tivo? Probably not, but a partnership may be in the works. Cisco wants to move heavily into the consumer market so their moves are something to watch. The Linksys acquisition was a great move in this direction. Read the article and pay attention to the names of other potential companies which may be on Cisco's short list...Nintendo?? Slingbox?? Only time will tell but Cisco's solid networking business bodes well for quality consumer products in your entertainment center.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Honda Commercial (via BoingBoing)

This is wonderful and very creative. The power of human sound effects.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

CNN.com - Five buzzworthy products from CES - Jan 6, 2006

With the unplanned events in my life over the last week or two, I haven't been able to keep up as well as I would have liked with all the tech stuff. Last week was the Consumer Electronics Show and several items worth noting are at the link above. Everywhere I read Slingbox...so take note. Here is another list from a TV media guy. Also, here's a live blog from Bill Gates' keynote. For full coverage, peruse the c|net site CES 2006.

I saw Power Lunch for a few minutes last week while I prepped for my days (the magic of a 3 hour difference between East & West coast). They had some very interesting interviews with Brian Cooley from c|net, the Palm CEO Ed Colligan, Michael Dell and more. I couldn't see them all but I'll pay attention to this next time an important trade show is around.

So today is the beginning of MacWorld and the Steve Jobs keynote is the one to watch. I'm very interested to see if he announces a Mac mini media center unit since the claims against Microsoft for copying Apple would be reversed in such a case (but I'm sure the media won't cover that).

Monday, January 09, 2006

Where Has The Hawk Been

I've been away for a while as my Uncle died suddenly two days before New Year's. We flew out last week to be with the family and provide support. Stayed here (Long Beach-Hyatt Regency) and saw the beauty Long Beach, California offered despite the circumstances. I'll report more about this trip and our vacation soon. Lots of pictures to share.