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Friday, November 11, 2005

Google Print, Part 3

Let's put this one to rest for now with one last post. I've let the previous two postings give the main arguments for the validity of what Google is doing. Here are some follow-ups worth reading:

1-Google's indexing the web is a direct parallel to Google Print. Read this analysis at Search Engine Watch and see how strong a case Google Print really has.

2-Only 4% of Titles Are Being Commercially Exploited - Read about the "twilight zone" of books whose content would never be found if a project like Google Print wasn't moving forward.

3-Google Print hurts kids?? This is quite the stretch for the anti-Google Print forces. Feel those tugs on your heart strings??

4-Alternate revenue streams now available--selling pages and chapters at a time.

5-Find and read the full text of Google Print books in the public domain by using special search parameters.


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