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Monday, March 03, 2003

Google triggers privacy concerns

Are you worried about Google? Evidently these reporters are. I'm continually amazed at how the media can interview a few "experts" and second-guess the business decisions of some very intelligent people. It seems to me that this particular paranoia probably stems from autogoogling or ego-surfing and uncovering a lot about yourself you didn't know was public.

Am I worried that Google will become Big Brother? Nah, powerful technologies like Google seem ominous unless one understands the efficiencies of the technology. Google isn't search gone awry. It's search which has finally arrived. The point of searching is to find things and lackluster results don't do anyone any good.

True, Google has power. How the power is used is important. We know absolute power corrupts absolutely. But does Google have absolute power? Does their purchase of Blogger make them unstoppable? No to both of these questions.

Should we be afraid? Only if Google rests on its laurels and from where I sit, that won't be soon.


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