Hawk's Nest

Friday, September 29, 2006

Lost...a personal scoop?

I've commented on Lost in this blog here, here and here. Some of those observations have been right, some wrong. Now I go public in print with my perspective on what makes Lost so appealing . Stay tuned for Tuesday....

EVDO Arrives!

That's right...I was pleasantly surprised when this morning my Treo 700w showed "EV" next to the swirling arrows at the top meaning EVDO is here. That means faster access to the Internet and a better experience. I'd been told that it was on course for the end of the month and it looks like they're delivered. Thanks, Verizon!

Monday, September 25, 2006

On Location with "Death Sentence"

Today I had the rare opportunity with some co-workers to walk out of my government building in Columbia, SC, to the familiar street next door and view the prep and shooting of a scene from Death Sentence, a Kevin Bacon movie coming out in 2007. IMDB's plot statement says of the movie "After his family members suffer at the hands of gang members, a father sets on a mission to kill each thug involved with the crime." Normally, it's not the kind of movie I'd be interested in but I've always had the film bug myself. From early on, my inner Spielberg would be release by using Super 8 films to have a plane battle with model fighters on fish string. And throughout the years, I've enjoyed putting together this or that special video/slide show. So any opportunity to be behind the scenes of a movie and maybe glimpse an actor or two is alright by me. So here's what we saw...

Crossing the street we watched as "muscle cars" were prepped for the scene.

Second Unit Director Joel Kramer's chair

Kevin Bacon's arrives and preps for scene

The "Bad Guys" are here

The scene is shot with Kevin sitting in a gold car across the street from a courthouse watching with riveted eyes on the gang members who celebrate their court "victory". Bacon's stunt double preps to sit in the car and drive after the gang members who jump in their cars and speed away.

Director James Wan (in the baseball cap and not even 30 years old!!) is even here to make sure everything is as he wants

Checking the scene, looks good, roll it!

They'll be for a few weeks...maybe there's a chance for some more sneak peeks.