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Monday, August 22, 2005

Google Releases Desktop 2--InsideGoogle

I'm trying out the new Google Desktop Search myself. I actually like having this information at a glance in the sidebar. With a 21' LCD panel, screen real estate is no problem. I've added one of the plug-ins which Google has published API's for. So far, it's pretty cool. I need to add a few of my main RSS feeds but the resultant effect is very nifty.

One interesting observation with Microsoft Outlook: I have another user's mailbox open automatically for easy access to his calendar. The desktop search is seeing his new e-mail and my new e-mail arrive (only one e-mail in the five listed in this picture are mine). There is no apparent way to control this except to close his account from my Outlook. (PS. I have rights to his whole account so there isn't a security issue here)


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