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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

RSS in Longhorn: The Security Question

Okay, if you don't understand the headline, let me help.

RSS is something I've talked about in the past. Really Simple Syndication allows news, blogs, etc. that post fresh content daily to be access by a client grabbing the new content from the site instead of a user visiting the web page. For instance, this site has a feed for the blog and also other feeds from content I find interesting online (My Clippings). I may not blog each day but my topic feeds usually always have something new.

Longhorn is the next version of Windows. Make sense yet?

RSS is going to mainstream for sure as part of the operating system. This raises security concerns per this article but its always risky to mainstream a flexible and useful technology like RSS. Will Microsoft do their homework so a year from now RSS in Longhorn is not just another surface for attack? I think they've been beat up enough the last few years so let's give them some slack, okay?!


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