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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Slate: May the Force Be With You, and You, and You?... - Why fans make better Star Wars movies than George Lucas. By Clive Thompson

Fan-made movies or shows are coming into their own. Friday I enjoyed Star Wars: Revelations with a small group of fans and was amazed at the quality that can be achieved with very little budget. The acting still needs a bit of work but it's not so terrible as to make it not worth watching. If you want to sample this movie, download it free here

And you might try other genre fan-based efforts.

Star Trek New Voyages
continues the adventures of Kirk and Spock (the 2nd episode is a much better effort). This series has actually garnered the attention of original series cast and writers who will participate in future episodes.

Star Trek Hidden Frontier has been around for a while and has "aired" a number of seasons.

If Lord of the Rings is your genre, check out this project: Acanar. Watch the trailer. Be prepared to download sometime in the future.

These are very cool projects. They're free and entertaining. Powerful home PC's make all of this possible in our day. Maybe you'll get the bug one day.


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