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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dvorak: The Dumbing Down of America

John Dvorak's columns are always unpredictable. He picks on most everyone so his friends list must be short. But this time he's right on the money. Have you ever been asked something which seems so easy to answer you could do it in a minute if you just sat down at a PC with a connection to the Internet? Here's Dvorak's experience...

It's actually kind of weird. These and hundreds of other questions can be easily answered by running Google, or any other search engine for that matter. Apparently, a large part of population simply does not understand this. What's weirder is when you tell them to simply use Google to find out for themselves, you discover that they know all about Google but say, "Oh! I never thought of that!"

I felt a bit of deja vu' as I read this since this happens to me all the time. People don't think and just want to be entertained. They want the answer given to them without any work. Reading just ain't their shtick.

Well, in our day, there is no excuse for ignorance. Welcome to the World Wide Web.


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