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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Microsoft: Legit Windows or no updates | CNET News.com

Is Microsoft making a mistake? It's very possible. I first got wind of this story from a developer friend who has a number of test systems loaded with MSDN software which is "not legit" in Microsoft's automated update scans. So he's out of luck unless he uses a manual download process (which I don't know if they'll keep and it's a pain to track which updates you need). But I think the issue is deeper than this. What about all the illegal Windows copies causing network threats and Internet meltdowns because some worm gets on these unpatched systems. The bandwidth infections can use and disruptions to legitmate systems are problematic. The Internet makes us interconnected in many different ways. To have systems, no matter how unlicensed, unpatched is a problem which effect the whole virtual ecosystem, not just the individual user. I know MS wants to eliminate piracy but doing it at the expense of the big picture of security isn't the way to go.

What alternatives do they have? Comments?


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