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Sunday, January 23, 2005

AP Review Of Microsoft AntiSpyware--InsideMicrosoft

I read this story first on Yahoo News and thought, this guy doesn't have a clue about dealing with a system that far gone. I subsequently read Inside Microsoft and had to agree 100%. As a technologist who deals with security, spyware and OS issues for a living, I think I am qualified to say this reporter is out to lunch. A system not running antivirus or getting Windows Updates deserves to be infected, in my opinion. Giving a computer to such a person is like giving a power saw to a little baby. They're not old enough to understand and appreciate the dangers so you don't let them have it. For the reporter to turn around and trash Microsoft and its anti-spyware offering as a result is like blaming the doctor for not being able to save a terminally ill patient whose condition was treatable 3 years earlier.

I really don't know why AP editors let this personal diatribe fly out as journalism. If it discourages users from loading Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta, then the article has caused more damage. The Microsoft product is a great one. Everyone should be running it and wait to see the cost. It's worth every penny. Legitimate comparisons and tests with long standing anti-spyware software in the market has demonstrated the viability and sometimes superiority of the Microsoft product.

Don't be misled by ignorance in the news. The product isn't perfect but none of the software in this category is. However, I believe it's the best one available.


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