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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hawk's Nest Blog Review 2004

Everyone reviews the year and the Hawk can do no less. Here is the list of best links/postings for the year:

10) Where Does Apple Go From Here?
9) Personalized Google Search
8) NPR's Digital Generation series
7) Classics In The Slums
6) Brown Recluse Spiders In St. Louis
5) Gmail Rocks
4) It's A Blog World After All
3) Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King Takes 11 Oscars
2) Customer Service At MCI

and the Number One Post as chosen by Wing & Talon

1) Firefox!! Two Postings
Microsoft's Nightmare and Firefox Discrimination

Two Facts You Need To Know From The 2004 Blog Archive

Chihuahuas Aren't Dogs (maybe it's not a fact, but sure seems like one)
Sedna, Our Tenth Planet (definitely a fact)

Humor From the 2004 Archive

Pickled Dragon

SkyHigh Airlines

Additional Milestone For The Blog

Clipping Feeds Available...I can be your human aggregator as I scan about 350 feeds/day


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