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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Today we visited the St. Louis Arch on our visit here. What an impressive feat of engineering. There was tons of stuff to see in the museum area, if you don't have little children. Very impressive. Also, we strolled through Union Station downtown. It's like a mall now but was once a thriving train station. They have letters posted with people's memories of the station and variety of train memorabilia throughout. So much to see, we may go hang out there for a little while tomorrow. You can also enjoy a variety of dinner rides on a train the leaves from there, hosted by RailCruise America. You can even schedule one their Murder mystery cruises.

We road past another museum, City Museum, which had amazing places for kids to crawl up through and around outside. There was a airframe plane, a fire engine and a school bus perched on one corner of the building. Definite attention grabber. And the website captures some of this amazing stuff. We didn't stop with our younger kids. They'll appreciate it when they're older.


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