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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Windley's Singularity
I believe that people who write and read Weblogs, use instant messaging, and even e-mail are already at a decided advantage over those who don’t in terms of what they know and how they think about the world. Maybe this is self-congratulatory or self-delusional, but I believe it nevertheless.
Phillip Windley, former CIO of the state of Utah, is a joy to read. Not because I always agree with him, but because he makes you think. His recent column in the Utah magazine Connect is no disappointment. I think he got it right about the use of instant communications, our need for connectedness and the power of this technological trend.

His list of keywords which describe where we are is especially useful to ponder: Personalized, Peer-based, Decentralized, Collaborative, Connected, Converged, and Presence-enabled.

How many of these things describe state government (where I work)... not too many. In fact, I see the technology arm of government headed in the opposite direction in many areas. We need to grab the wave of "pervasive instant communication" and harness it to accomplish the tasks we have at hand.

And as always, thanks Windley.


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