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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

UPDATE - ReplayTV strips ad skipping in new DVR models
Due in August, the new ReplayTV 5500 series will remove the "Commercial Advance" and "Send Show" options present in models that are currently for sale.
Hollywood wins another battle in the war. This is truly a dumb idea on the part of D&M. Doing what is expedient to save a product is understandable but sacrificing what is a "killer" piece of software (commericial advance) for something palatable to the money-makers diminishes the overall product and could prove the undoing of the unit. The technology remains sound and Replay's implementation was well-controlled with limits to ensure anti-Napster forces' arguments would be vacuous. But we will never know with this kind of abandonment. We still don't know where the highest court stands on all this. We need a vendor to stand strong and lead us into the next century. SonicBlue...we'll miss you.


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