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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Untapped Networks
For Columbia University sociologist Duncan Watts, Microsoft’s continuing battle with the hacker and the aftermath of 9/11 share a striking similarity: both reveal the peril and the power of networks.
Networking is the key to accomplishment. Whether it's people, operations, technical, networking provides a framework for true synergy. However, Mr. Watts' observations about Microsoft in his whole discussion are intriguing. Would breaking MS apart into networked units reduce homogeneity which leads to security problems? Mr. Watts advocates it would. I'm unsure. Does he believe that an open source Linux project demonstrates a strongly networked and robust result? Linux has security problems as bad as MS. So where does that leave us? Isn't the real issue the reliability of the current internal network (involving people, technical considerations) at MS? Creating a new one would just change the kind of network. It would have additional negative effects as well. Exploring the possibilities when you dig into the world of networking is part of the fun.


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