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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Will the Enterprise Go for Google's Apps?

I had the opportunity to comment for an article yesterday concerning Google's free apps (thanks BR). As found in this article, quote's from the Hawk found here...
Mobility of Google's applications would also need to be addressed to woo enterprises. "Part of the question of portability is the ability to sync with handheld devices either using Exchange Activesync, BlackBerry services or Good software," says Kevin Benson, Chief Technology Officer, South Carolina Parks, Recreation & Tourism.

"No solution Google is currently providing or has announced would meet the needs of small or midsize businesses, which rely on mobility as a key component. Being tethered to a Web-based app is becoming a prisoner to access and bandwidth."

I also made these comments...The freedom, utility and flexibility of fully developed applications which are portable is much more compelling in the business environment. Ease of use and simplicity are two things software developers can learn from Google but admiring and adopting are worlds apart.


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