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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Variety.com - ABC downloads plan to upload segs on Web

So ABC will start offering episodes of show "free" online with ads. Talk about shaking things up...buy ad free Lost from iTunes or watch free online with ads. It's great that they're "getting it". Just read this unbelievable quote from the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger:
While many nets have Webcast individual episodes of their shows online for promotional purposes, none have yet regularly Webcast series for free -- a move sure to raise affiliates' eyebrows.

But Iger made clear that maintaining current business relationships isn't at the top of his agenda. "You have to be willing to put traditional business models and relationships aside in order to reach consumers," he noted. "We will no longer be slave to the old business models because consumers just don't care about them." (emphasis mine)


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