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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

RSA: Gates promises free anti-spyware, new version of IE

This is all over blogdom so I have to point it out here as well. The MS Anti-spyware will be free for personal use! This is great news for all the web, consultants and users generally frustrated with going online. Now a reliable product with high visibility will be available to protect people from the thoughtless scum perpetrating this stuff.

There's been great software out there like AdAware and Spybot, but none as effective as what Microsoft will now provide free. Nothing catches it all but way to go MS in providing the best available so far!

Regarding the announcement of IE 7, it must have:
*Tabs!!! Save them, organize them, work with them
*Extensibility like Firefox's extensions

Encourage these features in the next product and some of us are sure to come back...especially if Firefox keeps crashing (more on this later)


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