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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Georgia schools say Apple's peachy | CNET News.com

I always wince when I hear that some educational institution has drunk the Apple Koolaid and bought into a pipe dream. Using Mac's in educational establishments in our day just doesn't make sense. The real world is a world belonging to the PC and Windows OS. Crippling children by making their computing experience Apple-centric is the wrong way to go. Why not choose Linux which has a bigger market share? In this specific case, I found it interesting that the individual hired as CIO for Cobb County schools is from the Maine Apple project. The new CIO is also credentialed with a B.A. in Elementary Ed. and an M.A. in Education. I know communication is looked at as the key skill for CIOs but when I see these kinds of decisions being allowed to progress, I question the minimization of technical understanding in the role of a CIO. (Please note Phil Windley, former CIO of the State of Utah, alludes to this by noting both CTOs and CIOs need to be technologists though a CIOs role emphasizes management and "the bottom line")


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