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Friday, February 25, 2005

Firefox fix plugs security holes | Tech News on ZDNet

Okay, version 1.01 of Firefox browser is out. Now if you use it, you'll be a lot safer. I'm going to wait to see how long it will take the browser to update itself with their auto-update mechanism.

Don't let me discourage you from updating, you need to at some point. Just be aware of all the issues. For instance, if you do download the manual update, you will have 2 Firefox listings in Add/Remove Programs in Windows and don't uninstall the original Firefox load after the upgrade as it will corrupt both of them. To do a clean install, unistall Firefox first and then install 1.01. And if your updated browser keeps crashing when you enter an address in the address bar, just delete components/autocomplete.xpt and see if that fixes it. Did I just say all that? This isn't ready for the average user.

Also, what is up with the amount of memory Firefox uses? It continues to crash my main home PC because of this. I'm really bothered by some of these functions which render the browser unstable.

I continue to have to use IE multiple time per day to access sites because of either ActiveX or format issues. And Firefox crashes just way too much for me. It's just a fact once you start using extensions. But Firefox without extensions is worthless!

Since we've heard IE 7 from Microsoft will include tabbed browsing, there is only one other essential feature if added to IE which will make me leave Firefox...Adblock. If IE 7 includes that feature or the extensibility allows such an add-on, I will abandon Firefox.

Why would you keep using it? (an answer which is "Because MS doesn't make it" isn't valid)


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