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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Wired News: Are We Puppets or Free Agents?

It seems the arguments of these neuroscientists is that we are predetermined by our genes and our environment. We are therefore not responsible for our moral actions because we don't have "free will". To quote them, "All behavior is mechanical". It is an interesting conclusion to reach and obviously, by their own theory, one which they had to reach because their actions were predetermined. They would have reached no other conclusion and the Wired author had no choice but to write the story. If we do as these scientists say, our world becomes incoherent, our decisions irrational. In their mind, their is no component of a person greater than his or her biological components. The implications of such a view are far reaching in more ways than just legal theory.

Beware reductionism and let's involve some philosophers and theologians in these discussions as they look beyond the physical to minds and souls. But, of course, you knew I'd say that. How could I have written anything different?


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