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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Education, Kids & Technology

From time to time, I run across articles in the popular press which bring people's attention to the role technology should have in their young children's lives. I'm grateful for such articles because I hope they get people to think just a little bit more about what they're doing instead of listening to the commercial masterminds trying to sell a lie. The pervasiveness of technology in our young children's world can rob them of a more fertile imagination by substituting pre-created worlds instead of ones which they construct.

As they grow up in a more connected world, technology will be a part of life. But there must be a way to balance the advantages of these new means of communication and accessing information with the intellectual growth sustained by ideas, minds and other irreducible intangibles. To not be conformed by the technique but instead mold the technology to serve their minds will be the challenge of this generation.


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