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Thursday, March 18, 2004

eMachines Support

Yesterday I worked with eMachines support to try to get a network card to access our network. I started a chat session and this is how it went. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent workers at eMachines/Gateway)

You are chatting to Sue
Contact Reason: Network card is working interm

Sue: Thank you for contacting eMachines Live Chat. My name is Sue and my badge number is ****. Please hold
while I review your issue...

Sue: You can try reloading the existing ones:
[Sue provides copied instructions on reinstalling the NIC]

Kevin: ok
Kevin: any idea where the download page is?
Kevin: ok, tried that and no change
[Several minutes go by]
Sue: Windows should automatically reload it, after you reboot.
Kevin: it did, but no change
Sue: Is it intermittent with your internet also?
Kevin: no, i actually have this pc on my network at work. i am an IT professional
Sue: So the nic is only being used to connect to the network, correct?
Kevin: the network connects to the Internet. the nic connects to the switch.
Sue: I am NOT an IT professional, so you probably know more than I do about it.
Sue: You could run a Network diagnostics, to see if it recognizes the nic and if it passes or fails.
Sue:We just want to be sure if the problem is the nic or nto.
Sue: not.
Kevin: oh, it sees the nic but refuses to maintaina connection to the switch
Sue: Could it be a faulty cable?
Kevin: tried many cables and switch ports
Sue: If the problem is the nic, and it may be, you would need to call Technical Support to have service set up. Their
ph# is 801-401-1419.
Kevin: thanks

Is this the result of outsourcing? Don't know, but these kind of experiences are more common than ever in my line of work.


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