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Friday, September 05, 2003

Microsoft: Hated Because It's Misunderstood (Opinion)
Many folks think Microsoft is just plain evil and should be stopped. Much of this perception is based on poorly founded beliefs from people who have never been on the Microsoft campus, nor have they ever tested their beliefs against what other companies do. I look at Enron and WorldCom and the executives who swindled those companies and I see evil. I look at the millionaires the .COM era created by ruining retirement funds and see evil. I see CEOs who increase their own compensation while laying off employees and cratering their company's stock and see evil. I look at Oracle's attempt to destroy PeopleSoft through hostile takeover and I see evil. I look at Sun Microsystems, which put in post 9/11 protection just for its executive staff, leaving most of the employees exposed, and I see evil.

Mistakes aren't in themselves evil, they are often just mistakes.
Some nice balance to the press I read all the time. My experience has shown Microsoft does care. I can list numerous other vendors that don't but Microsoft isn't one of them. I love what Microsoft has done and is doing to take technology to new heights. I'll continue highlighting articles which reflect the true Microsoft and counter the bashing that's going on.


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