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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

How the MacIntel Will Change the Market

Or how Dvorak is out to lunch! Come on John, you've got to be crazy!! Getting the OS X to run on Intel is one thing; getting all the drivers for all the possible hardware it would run on and making OS X plug n' play is years away. You can't expect an open source community to pitch in and port drivers for a proprietary, non-Linux system just because they are Microsoft haters.

It's not that I doubt it could happen...if all the stars line up, the earth shifts off its axis, etc. Apple could break open the OS market. But I submit Apple's cozy claims all these years are similar to Sun's...their system are "stable" and "superior" because they sell you the hardware AND the software. Microsoft has done what they can't...tackle an incredible variety of hardware and be compatible no matter the PC system. Kudos to Microsoft, not the OS wannabes.

And Dvorak, plant your feet on planet Earth for goodness sake.


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